About Us

Next Jeneration is a female-led TV/Film company that specializes in a variety of production services, in addition to generating our own content.


Founded by Jennifer Le, also known as media personality JenfromBK, Next Jeneration is a reality built by dreamers.


Aside from in-house productions, we have worked TV and Film productions and events that include MTV VMAs, NY Fashion Week, HOT 97’s Summer Jam, movie premieres, panels, and corporate conventions for client services.




*Due to the confidentiality of our clients, we are limited in sharing their work on our website. If you're interested in services, please contact us directly for our production reels.

The Mission

We are the future of media.

At Next Jeneration, we believe that no vision is too out of this world.

We believe in the power of diversity within the media stratosphere and align ourselves with those who have the same sentiments.


We aspire to uplift and employ young people from our communities that dare to challenge boundaries and defy stereotypes.


We aim to not only shift the narrative, but to push it forward with our own stories in unique and imaginative ways.

Founder's Note

When I started Next Jeneration, I didn't know what to expect, but I just knew it was right. 


The company was born from faith, the courage to realize a dream, an urge to be creative, while making projects that matters: diversity, women and the youth.

From a production services level, I take pride in my obsession for perfection and putting out quality work for our clients and for our in-house projects.  Our team consists of talented, passionate, and diverse individuals whom all work for the common goal: to leave a lasting imprint on the industry.

Here's a little background on me so you get the whole picture -- as a media personality, I guess venturing into the world of TV was inevitable. But it was clear to me, the change in the direction of my career, was a decision I knew I had to make in my life and, I did.  Staying complacent and comfortable for the rest of my life is not how I wanted to live. My spirit was telling me to shift my focus to my truest passions, even if I had already spent over a decade doing the opposite.

Can I really start all over again? If you’re reading this and find yourself in a similar situation please know: it is never too late.


My decision was cemented by an epiphany that took me back to adolescent Jen. Eight-year-old me was asked to draw a picture of what I wanted to be when I grew up.


Listen, you can travel many roads, try many things, some work, some don’t, but you'll ultimately find your way back on your destined path, whether you know it or not.


So, here I am.


With my newfound ambition and as a first-generation Asian woman, my goal of defying the odds and breaking the stereotypes is relentless. Through my work,  I hope the next generation of dreamers will be inspired to do the same....a la how the name of the company was created.


I want to thank you for taking the time to navigate our site and having an interest in what we have to offer. As you can see, Next Jeneration stands for a whole lot more than the obvious.


Jennifer Le

Founder & CEO, Next Jeneration