Stars of Disney's live-action film, Mulan, and Asian celebs from across the globe hit the red carpet for the world premiere last night.

The powerful showmanship of solidarity in light of the stigma attached to Asians, especially Chinese people was much needed and there's no doubt everyone who attended knew what showing up meant.

Xenophobia is at an all-time high since the novel coronavirus has been spreading globally at rapid rates. With origins in Wuhan, China, experts believe it came from wild animal markets -- particularly from the consumption of pangolins not bats.

NextShark and other Asian media outlets have shared terrible videos of Asians being blamed for causing this epidemic via degrading comments, teasing and in some cases, assault. Asian businesses have been declining but in reality, most businesses are.

Circling back to Mulan though, there were questions on whether Disney would still release the film in light of the health crisis happening around the world and it appears they are moving full steam ahead with the film hitting theaters on March 28th.

Disney's decision to move forward can't be in hopes of breaking box office records. At this moment in time, people are afraid to go to their local market or do their normal errands because of the chance of contracting the virus.

To expect people to purchase tickets to go sit inside an inclosed movie theater is not realistic.

To me, Disney's decision to release the film is to show they stand with the Chinese and will not let the virus scare them out of supporting a historic moment.

Not every Chinese people has the virus, not every Asian person is connected to it and their message is clear -- we need to stand by and support our Asian brothers and sisters and that's probably a big reason why this film is still happening.

What're your thoughts?

The more representation the better!

Universal Pictures and the Geena Davis Institute are teaming up to improve on-screen and casting representation for the Latinx community in a very innovative way.

According to Variety, the program called, Spellcheck for Bias, will be held at Mount Saint Mary’s University and the USC Viterbi School of Engineering and will analyze scripts, and "advertising briefs to identify representation of characters and percentage of dialogue by gender, race, LGBTQIA and disabilities. It will also analyze characters with several other attributes like violence, discrimination, and intelligence. Universal’s global talent development and inclusion team will work with advisers to develop the criteria to expand Spellcheck’s capabilities to include Latinx representation."

Universal Pictures, DreamWorks Animation, Focus Features, and NBC Entertainment will provide scripts to the school to test the software and see if it has the potential to be used to help other underrepresented cultures in film and television.

The advisers include actress/producer Kate del Castillo, Blumhouse Productions’ Bea Sequeira, Brownstone Productions’ Alison Small, Lord Miller’s Aditya Sood, Will Packer Productions’ James Lopez, and NY Latino Film Festival’s Calixto Chinchilla.

Geena Davis, who's been a long time combatant of equality released a statement about the new partnership saying, "I’m so thrilled that NBCUniversal has committed to working with us on this pilot program. Their support will be extremely valuable in developing the tool to address the sparse and underdeveloped portrayals of the Latinx community which our upcoming study underscores. I believe our Spellcheck for Bias is going to be the biggest game changer of all in creating onscreen inclusion and will help NBCUniversal and other studios identify opportunities to dramatically increase Latinx representations in their content, to counteract the conscious and unconscious bias in all of us.”

This will surely be a game-changer if it works!

DC's movie about villainess Harley Quinn is doing so bad they're thinking of changing the title!

But will it help? I don't think so.

This is the first time, in recent memory, where a film was tanking in the box office that the studios are considering changing the movie title.

Warner Bros. believes Birds of Prey, starring Margot Robbie, isn't doing well because the audience doesn't know what the film is about, considering the complete title of the film is "Birds of Prey and The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn."

The belief is that it's not bringing in the numbers in the box office they were hoping for because Harley Quinn's name is at the very end of the title.

Okay, I must admit, that is a pretty long title and can mislead people but all the promos star Margot Robbie, she's at the forefront of posters -- sorry WB, but that ain't the reason.

To be honest, the bad marketing may have played a major part in the poor box office ticket sales and not to mention, the trailers all seemed to depict a more comedic film than that of a serious superhero-Esque film like Suicide Squad, which many fans were hoping for.

Again, changing the title name won't make a difference.

Since it released in theaters, Birds of Prey landed at #1 but opened to a disappointing $33.2 million domestically, and $81 million worldwide. It was projected to make at least a $45 million opening weekend.

Warner Bros. hoping the second-week box office sales will increase significantly due to the new title Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, but if not, the film will be in the red in terms of profit.

Did you see the film? What's your take on the name change?