2018 was a Record Breaking Year for Black Filmmakers in Hollywood [PHOTO]

As the New Year rolls in, we can’t help but take time to celebrate 2018 accomplishments. One in particular, what was your favorite film all year? Well, good news- 2018 was a record year for black filmmakers in Hollywood then ever before, we do not see this kind of improvement for women of color who lack representation in the film production industry.

As a push for diversity was at an all time high in 2018, it seems that some progress has been made’ we applaud the efforts and look forward to what is in store for future filmmakers of color, and the future years to come. A change is coming.

We still have a lot of work to do, however. IndieWire reports, “Fourteen percent of the directors of the top 100 movies last year were black,” said Dr. Smith, a historically high number that tops 2017’s figure by 270%. “While we do not see this finding mirrored among female or Asian directors, this offers proof that Hollywood can change when it wants to.”

Ava DuVernay was amongst the top grossing filmmakers in 2018.

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