After Old Tweets Resurface, Kevin Hart Steps Down As Oscars Host [PHOTO]

Briefly after Kevin Hart announces he will be 2019’s host of the Oscar awards, some old tweet resurfaced. The tweets from 2009-2011 were from Kevin Hart jokingly making homophobic jokes.

Well, as we know the LGBTQ community is strong and though the seemingly offensive tweets were old, they came back to haunt the comedian. Kevin Hart was asked by the Academy to apologize for those tweets in lieu of the upcoming award show. Initially, Kev took to his Instagram to state he was not going to apologize for those old tweets, as he has addressed and apologize before in the past.

We can assume Kevin Hart had some conflicting opinions on the issue, but he then put out a statement not only saying his going to step down from hosting the show, but he also issued an apology.

Fan have mixed opinions on the topic, as some feel your mistakes in the past shouldn’t define your future. Others stand strong with the LGBTQ community and feel that someone with words as such should not be able to host such a huge night in entertainment. What are you thoughts? Check out how it all unfolded below.