Ava DuVernay Calls Out The Academy For Disqualifying Nigerian Oscar Submission 'Lionheart'

Ava DuVernay speaks out about the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences disqualifying a Nigerian film.

According to reports, The academy apparently disqualified the Nigerian film, ‘Lionheart’ after its submission due to most of the film’s “dialogue being in English. “ The film was set to be a contender in the Best International Film category. 

According to the Academy’s rules, the submissions for the category must be in “a predominantly non-English” language.

Ava DuVernay took to Twitter to express, “You disqualified Nigeria’s first-ever submission for Best International Feature because its in English. But English is the official language of Nigeria.”

She continued, “Are you barring this country from ever competing for an Oscar in its official language?”

What are your thoughts on this?