'Avatar 2' Pushes The Boundaries On CGI In The Astonishing First Look Visuals

When Avatar hit theaters 10 years ago, it rocked audiences to the core displaying a stunning made up world only pure imagination and the best CGI experts could bring to life.

The movie went on to become the highest grossing film of all time banking in $2.029 billion worldwide -- only Marvel's Avengers Endgame came close to taking the top spot with $1.936 billion.

Now on the heels of the sequel, which is set to arrive in theaters December 2021, James Cameron released first look concept photos of the film at CES 2020.

With Endgame's entire film being pretty much CGI, it's the only movie who's really upped the ante on special visual effects since Avatar a decade ago. It did leave many to wonder, what can top Marvel's gorgeous films? How could someone? What would it look like?

We all knew Avatar 2 was in the works and some probably assumed, me being guilty, that it would like somewhat similar to the land of Pandora we all know and love.

Boy am I glad I was wrong!

Those photos exceeded my expectations and mesmerized me to the core. The colors, the depth, the beautiful scenery is truly something you'd find in your dreams, literally.

If the photos are speaking for the film, then James Cameron and team have really outdone themselves. Instead of giving us what we already know in Avatar, they've found a way for us to fall in love with it again while being ahead of the curve in this era of frequent usage of CGI.

When this film comes out, the bar will be set high for the next group of CGIers (made the word up) to innovate tech for the next decade to come.

Not only will there be an Avatar 2 but more sequels are coming in December 2023, December 2025 and December 2027.

And let's wrap this up with a big "whoaaaaaa" moment. Mercedes Benz came up with a concept Avatar car, dubbing it AVTR and it's everything you would imagine a car of the future would look like.

Feast your eyes on this: