• Kayla

Camila Cabello To Star In New 'Cinderella' Movie!

By: Kayla Reyes

The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Camila Cabello will star in the new Cinderella movie written and directed by Kay Cannon for Sony Pictures!

Cinderella is a classic fairytale movie about an orphaned girl who has an evil stepmother and cruel stepsisters. One night, Cinderella receives an invitation to a palace ball and hopes to reunite with prince charming who she recently met. Her evil stepmother forbids her to go, but when help arrives with the magic touch Cinderella is able to go and leave the prince with something to remember her. While on her way out at midnight, Cinderella drops her glass slipper. The prince ends up trying to find her by sending the Grand Duke to find the girl who fits the glass slipper.

The idea for the Cinderella film came from James Corden who will be producing the film along with Leo Pearlman through their Fulwell73 banner. Sony is putting the project on the fast track for production.

Cabello is a cuban native who was a part of the music group Fifth Harmony before going solo in her career. She is known for her single "Havana" and debut album Camila. Not only is Cabello starring in the film, she is also going to actively be involved in the music in the film. This is so exciting for her!

According to Variety, the best-known Cinderella movies been Disney’s animated drama, released in 1950, and two live-action remakes: 1997’s version starring Brandy and Whitney Houston, and the 2015 film with Lily James. The latter grossed $543 million worldwide.

Let us know what you think about this. Will Camila uphold to the expectations for Cinderella?