Cop A Plea? Harvey Weinstein Thinks Saying He "Pioneered" Women In Movies Will Help?

Harvey Weinstein sure has some nerve.

Weeks before he stands trial for rape in state court, the shamed movie mogul spoke with the New York Post while recovering from a spinal injury where he made a cringe worthy claim in the midst of his sexual misconduct allegations.

Weinstein said, "“I feel like the forgotten man, I made more movies directed by women and about women than any filmmaker, and I’m talking about 30 years ago. I’m not talking about now when it’s vogue. I did it first! I pioneered it!” he said.

Sure that may be true. Sure he's created films for women, but just because you've done so, doesn't and shouldn't justify all the disgusting acts you've done to women. There is a big difference between what you've done for the big screen versus what you've done in real life to women.

Reading him say "forgotten man" sent a chill down my spine.

He is and will be forgotten, and his legacy will be too. That's what happens when you do terrible things, in this case to women. But in actuality, his reputation won't completely be erased, he's now going to be remembered on the bad side of TV and film history.

Guess what Mr. Weinstein, this is what happens when you do wrong! Did you expect otherwise?

Is he trying to a cop a plea here? What's the reasoning behind his statement? I believe it's to gain some sympathy before he stands trial, and unfortunately, his intention has fallen on deaf ears. In fact, it's blatant disrespect to all the women who've endured the heinous wrath of Harvey Weinstein.

The distasteful comment just further shows how insensitive he is to the countless women who've come forward with their bad experience with him.

What this comment does show is Weinstein feels his actions is normal to him. A man with power and money and the career of budding young actresses in his hands can feel invincible and use it to his advantage. In this case he allegedly did but the wrong way. But for him to be incapable of rationalizing how his behavior is unacceptable is a sad truth to other moguls in Hollywood.

Those days of taking advantage of up and coming stars are no longer tolerated and will be brought to justice for the better of this industry.

I hope this case against Harvey Weinstein will shed light on anyone in the industry who is doing and or has done the same. The perversion needs to end here and now.