Director Spotlight: Lena Waithe

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Photo Credit: Showtime

Emmy winner Lena Waithe, made history as the first Black women to winning an Emmy for outstanding writing for a comedy series.

Lena Waithe was born in Chicago Illinois, she took a liking to writing at a young age. She got her start writing for Fox and Nickelodeon.

Lena is most known for Netflix’s Master of None, where she serves as a writer and an actress. Lena won an Emmy for her contribution in the show in 2017.

As of recent, Lena is the creator of the hit show The Chi- airing on Showtime. The show takes you through the Southside of Chicago, which is one of the roughest neighborhoods in Chicago. The show follows 5 teenagers as they journey from the Chi.

Lena is breaking down barriers and is changing the face of film and TV. She is an inspiration to us all.