Either Get In Or ‘Get Out’ With ‘Us’ [VIDEO]

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

By:Brittany Hampton

I’m sure you’ve been hearing about Jordan Peele’s sophomore film ‘US’ which means you have possibly seen ‘GET OUT’. Now, can there be a similar message between the two thrillers that leave you dripping for a hidden meaning in your seat. As far as ‘Get Out’ a survival of the fittest game among the horrors of the African American experiences. We can count on Jordan Peele to deliver his powerful and mysterious tales. ‘US’ screams themes of the African American experiences and insensibility to basic privilege.

The tale starts out with the mother, (Lupita Nyoung’o) Adelaide talking a creepy walk down the Santa Cruz boardwalk. A sinister, traumatic event happens at the boardwalk which then births the present. The family returns to Santa Cruz for a holiday and are later attacked in their home by doppelgängers wearing red trousers, creepy looking scissors-wielding individuals. The doppelgängers continue to make everything even weirder, they invaded the house in unexpected ways and stalk the family everywhere they go.

The concept between both movies are clear links. In ‘GET OUT’ we saw white people hypnotize African Americans to dominate their bodies, mind and soul. ‘US’ delivers the same violent symmetry toward African Americans, and a family that can easily be a result of the “sunken place”. The doppelgängers give off an effective performance among the actors and actress, with Adelaide in the zombie-like Red, intense stare and nail running down a blackboard figure. It’s solid evidence ‘US’ is a perfect spinoff from Jordan Peele’s ‘GET OUT’. ‘US’ is a sinister sophomore effect from Jordan Peele.

Now, it’s time to get GET IN or ‘GET OUT’