Elisabeth Moss Continues To Show Us Why We Need More Women In This Industry [VIDEO]

By:Brittany Hampton

Protect your youth always. In this new movie featuring Hulu’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ star Elisabeth Moss which comes out this Friday! Elisabeth Moss shows us why women empowerment is important over and over again. Moss has played a series of characters with a woman protagonist or antagonist. Women from around the world and all size are needed in this industry. Most importantly to show how women can be treated in this world, how we are seen under men (smash the patriarchy) and the future of the female takeover.

‘Her Smell’ is the new rock and roll drama centered around nothing but female empowerment. Elisabeth Moss delivers the best empowerment showing no matter what you go through you can always prevail. ‘Her Smell’ is reportedly focused around the antics of lead band singer, Becky Something of Something She. An all women band. ‘Her Smell’ Is narrated within a ten-year period, each experience unfolding. The film begins backstage at a concert surrounded by drugs, sex and love?

  Becky Something is the older, weird sister you don’t talk too, the crazy lady on the train, the girl no one talks to at a party all wrapped in one. Throughout the movie, no one describes ‘Her Smell’ but we can all guess, like a vanilla baked meth lab. Elisabeth Moss is backed up with even more women empowerment.

‘Her Smell’ introduces us to even more woman power like Cara Delevingne, Ashley Benson and Dylan Gelula. Throughout the film, Becky Something tries to lean on each of these ladies for musical advice and life advice… which only lead to even worst situations for Becky.

      One thing we learned for sure about ‘Her Smell’ is empowered women, inspired women and together we can make the world go round. The bold stroke of ‘Her Smell’ makes us feel “fight or flight” within 135 minutes. Be sure to the force and determined women power!

‘Her Smell’ comes out Friday, April 12th!