The Circle of Life? Elementary School Fined By Disney For Screening "The Lion King" At Fundraiser

There have been mixed reactions following news of Disney slapping an elementary school with a fine!

Two months after Emerson Elementary School screened the live-action film, The Lion King at their fundraising event, the school received an email from a licensing company saying they had to pay $250 for illegally showing the movie.

The PTA president told CNN that the DVD belonged to "one of the dads" who purchased the film at Best Buy. He went on to say that they "literally had no idea" they were breaking any rules.

No one knows how the licensing company caught wind of the screening but the PTA will be covering the costs, reluctantly.

The fine has people siding with Disney and some siding with the school.

People were sharing their opinions via social media about copyright laws and how Disney is just following protocol no matter how big or small it might be. Their legal rules for screening their films are clearly displayed before all of their movies.

On the flip side, people are outraged that Disney would demand a school to pay for showing the film when it was being done at a fundraising event and for kids and families. Most of the anger is not only from being flagged, but also having to come out of pocket since schools find money hard to come by.

Which brings me to the question, should places like schools or libraries etc be fined for screening films if it's for a great cause?

In this situation, who do you side with?