First Time Ever, ABC Offers Advertisers Guarantees for the Oscars

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

By: Kayla Reyes

Over the several years, the ratings have decreased causing the Oscars to be in the danger zone and in need of guarantees. ABC has stepped in to offer and include rating guarantees for advertisers. The guarantees were offered to long time advertisers such as car brands, beer companies and consumer technology firms.

The decision for rating guarantees was reportedly made prior to the controversy we reported a few weeks ago. The 90th Annual Academy Award show was at an all time low in 2018 with “26.5 million views - down double digits from the previous year.”  

According to deadline, a source stated “We are right on the edge of that danger zone — not close, but on it — and that makes advertisers very nervous.” Another executive added “It’s very unlikely that things will fall so radically this year that they’ll drop beneath those thresholds, but the fact is that there finally had to be such guarantees was a wake-up call to everyone.”

The Oscars will air this Sunday, February 24th. We look forward to watching!