From Big To 'Little' And 'Little' To Big With Marsai Martin [VIDEO]

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

By:Brittany Hampton

Blackish- star, Marsai Martin talks about being the youngest female, teen producer in Hollywood and her newest film, ‘Little’ featuring Issa Rae and Regina Hall. Marsai Martin received a lot of inspiration for the film, ‘Little’ Marsai says "Long story short, you know when your parents tell you all these things about what their favorite movies were growing up. One of them was 1988 film, ‘Big’ starring Tom Hanks," she said. "I was watching it and that's when I was thinking, 'What if we do this with a modern perspective? Give it a fresh take and make it more our time and have it a female empowerment- all black women cast.

Meanwhile, in ‘Little’ trails an adult, tech mogul #ReginaHall transform back into a child #MarsaiMartin. Marsai says it was difficult to play an adult stuck in a teenagers body.

Marsai goes on to say “The character was kind of made for me.” And the strong connection she has to the film. Marsai has talks about her production company, saying “It's in a hidden place that no one knows where we are," she said about the company's office location. "It's our creative space."

The evolving company has about 6 employees with the help of her parents. Marsai is the CEO of her production company, her father Mr. Martin is the president and Marsai’s mother is the Vice President of the company. It’s good to keep the family affairs going! Marsai has made it lucid that she is the boss, but she still respects her parents.

Marsai says “We work as a family”. She clarified that she is the boss, though they are still her parents and she has to respect them. "It's everyone's money I guess, but I'm making it," she said. "As soon as we’re doing filming and out of the office. It’s like “Did you do your homework?” We work as a family. Marsai is only 14 years old and has the entire world ahead of her! Marsai Martin’s next project with Genius Productions is the comedy ‘ StepMonster’ which centers around a teenage girl adjusting to life with a new stepmother. This film will be out in the theaters on April 12! Be sure to watch!