Gabrielle Union Brings The Much Needed Ugly Truths of NBC's "America's Got Talent" To The Forefront

NBC is in hot water again but this time over their hit TV show "America's Got Talent."

According to Variety, Gabrielle Union, one of the judges on the show, was reportedly fired from the series after she complained to the producers about the toxic environment of the show.

One case, in particular, was with guest judge Jay Leno who made a racist joke about Asians with Union present and four other employees, one of which included an Asian man. There was an image of Simon Cowell hanging on the wall with his dogs and Leno proceeded to say this is something one would find “on the menu at a Korean restaurant."


Union requested producers to speak with the human resources department about the joke but according to sources, that never happened.

The actress also reportedly was told that her hairstyles were “too black” for the show’s audience on many occasions and one act, a young black rapper, though talented, wasn't put the through because he didn't fit the image of the show.

These allegations, though shocking, is not surprising. Considering Nick Cannon, who hosted the show for many years, left due to the network's treatment.

NBC has been in headlines already over ignoring complaints from employees about Matt Lauer's behavior so for this to come to light, makes you wonder, what is happening over there?

Will the powers-that-be, step up to the plate and do something about their workplace or will they sweep it under the rug? Either way, they may have no choice but to come to a solution because SAG-AFTRA has now stepped in to investigate, partially because of actress Patricia Arquette's tweet demanding SAG to look into the issue at hand.

This is all just a case of what you do in the dark shall come to light and what was once forcefully accepted at a network, will no longer be tolerated. We are in a time of society where equality, fairness, and turning the BS on its ugly head is at an all-time high. And thank goodness for that, because these are all changes that are desperately needed.