Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade and Matthew Cherry Proves What "Hair Love" Really Means!

This story will make you shed a tear!

It's a huge accomplishment to graduate high school -- all your hard work studying for exams, late nights doing homework, meeting friends, finding the right college, and more are all solidified when you walk on stage to receive your diploma. Now imagine not being able to do that because of your hair.

Not because you did anything to defame the school or bad behavior, bad grades, not because you did anything wrong, but simply because of your hair?!

Unfortunately, a senior named Deandre Arnold is experiencing this injustice when school officials at Mont Belvieu in Texas said he couldn't return or walk at graduation unless he cut his long dreadlocks.

According to ABC News, Arnold, his family members and activists attended a school board meeting in January to protest the haircut.

Coincidentally, Matthew Cherry's animated short "Hair Love", a film about a father learning how to do his daughter's hair, is nominated for an Oscar this Sunday.

With the help of actress Gabrielle Union, her husband Dwyane Wade and Cherry, the three are sending Arnold and his mother to walk the red carpet with the director!


The Oscars airs Feb. 9 on ABC.