‘Grown-ish’ Teams with My Scholly App to Pay $125,000 in Student Loans

Are you a fan of Freeforms Grown-Ish? Well, the network is teaming up with Scholly App to pay of $125,000 worth of student loans. How awesome is this?

Freeform released at statement regarding the contest, stating, “a student loan payoff of up to $125,000 for current students and graduates with an outstanding loan balance. Acknowledging that student loans have crippled a generation of young Americans and are keeping them from achieving

their dreams, the program aims to help student loan borrowers pay off debts that may be holding them back from living their best lives.”

Scholly was founded by Christopher Gray. It’s an black owned business. Gray himself has scored $1.3 million in scholarships for college and is now getting back to students with loan debts. For more information regarding the contest, click here.

Grown-Ish season 2, 1 hour premiere aired last night. The show kicks off with Zoey and the gang returning to school after their summer break. Zoey (who is played by Yara Shahidi) is now a sophomore in college, so ultimately she is faced with many new challenges. Her and her crew move into an off campus apartment, at the start of the first episode. They thought it was a luxury apartment, but in fact it was the opposite.

In part two of the premiere- Zoey and Lucas relationship is tested. The relationship is still going strong, yet already has a bump in the road as they spent 3 months apart. Zoey struggles with trying to be “bae goals” as Luca just wants to be happy. Interesting!!

As the show has just started, it’s already looking like a great first season!

Did you watch? What are your