Here’s Why Streaming Services Are In: Brad Pitt & Adam Sandler Debate Pros + Cons

What’s your favorite streaming service? Do you find yourself binge watching your favorite series on Netflix or Hulu? Well, according to actor Brad Pitt working with streaming services makes promoting movies/shows much easier, “It’s nice, isn’t it? We don’t have to get out there. We’re not fighting for eyes. We’re not trying to put butts in seats, as they tell us we need to do.”

Both Adam Sandler and Brad Pitt sits down with Variety Magazine and discuss the pros and cons of streaming services.

The two are very familiar with Netflix, the streaming giant, as back in 2014 Sandler signed a multi-movie deal, and in 2017 Pitt joined the Netflix success with his military satire “War Machine.”

“You were one of the first to go to Netflix,” Pitt tells Sandler. “You crossed the picket line.”

“I sure did,” Sandler responds. “I didn’t even know I was doing that. They were interested in working together; they were so passionate. I’m just tight with Netflix. They love providing opportunities for many different types of comedies.”

“I guess my point is, I’m all for change,” Pitt says. “I’m not going to fight. I see the positive more and more. I see really interesting material get made … On the other hand, people talk about lamenting the death of the cinematic experience. Is that gone, because the home experience has gotten so good?”

“I don’t see it being gone,” Sandler responds.

“I don’t think stuff goes away forever. I just think this is where it’s at right now.” Pitt suggests some pros about the streaming service, he also mentions one con. “The upside of films through streaming is a lot of them get more eyes on it; more people actually see them. The downside: There’s so much material that they can become disposable.”