Inspired By The #Area51Memes, Here Are Some Films To Get You Thinking About The Unknown!

With the latest social media frenzy over Area 51, and this week being the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, it's no surprise the unknown, sci-fi loving community is alive and well!

If you're planning to join the escapade to Nevada along with the 1,000,000 other curious folks who signed the petition, prepare yourself for what you may encounter. Or, if you're just looking to expand your mind more about the unknown, these films are the best ones to watch.

Word is, they're all inspired by real truths....take it how you want to!

1. E.T

This is obvious but finding a sweet alien who just wants to go home will make you sympathetic towards them when you see one.

2. Men In Black

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones gave us a pretty accurate depiction of what these guys do and is also on the money about aliens disguising themselves as humans (so people have said.) The real Men In Black actually contact people who've seen a UFO or an alien. They know where you live, where to find you, and will do what it takes to keep you quiet. Have you not heard stories about Area 51? If you're going, don't trespass because they're all over the area and will stop you by any means necessary. So I heard.

3. Star Wars (all of them)

A vast universe of different beings, a war between galaxies, all of is not a myth. So I heard. But, these films do make you think about what's really going on out there and how often are these galactic wars happening?

4. Aliens

Unfortunately, there are non benevolent aliens out there and not all of them look like the cut 3 feet tall big eyed ones. Some can't stand the human race and thrive off of our bad energy and negativity. So if you wanna see what might happen if we ever fought with these types, this movie is the one to watch.

5. Inception

A mind boggling film that takes you into the world of mind control that can alter reality. Sounds very imaginative but according to history, mind control tactics have been used on people by the government. So if you're headed to Area 51, I wouldn't be surprised if you stumbled upon experiments.

6. Back To The Future

Is time travel real? That's a hot topic. Many people believe you can travel backwards and forwards in time. Either way, this classic film explores the possibility and displays how time isn't as linear as we think it is. It's as easy as having a car with enough electromagnetic push.

7. Avatar

Going into pods, entering another world that's not made up in your mind but actually real. Pandora is a gorgeous place until humans attempt to come in and takeover (typical). However, this film explores other civilizations other than Earth and shows how crappy our planet is.

8. Guardians of The Galaxy

I always connected with Gamora but I digress. The galaxy being watched over by a group of beings and a funny fox? Yeah it sounds ridiculous but some say it's true. No, not necessarily being watched over by a group in a ship but selected individuals from different parts of the universe who's main job is to keep the peace. They're called a Galactic Confederation, so I heard.

9. Interstellar

This film is as trippy as it gets but delves into the idea of "time" once again. Matthew McConaughey's characters ends up traveling through a blackhole. IRL, science says doing so is impossible because it's the end of all life. But what happens if you do go into one? Where do you go? This film answers that's question with a great twist that will leaving you scratching your heads.

10. Close Encounters of The Third Kind

This says it all. What happens when an alien species comes into contact with humans. How do we react? What do we do? This has been occurring since the beginning of time but it's fun to watch no less. Oh and that huge mother ship? Yeah, they do exist.

11. The Matrix

An intricate vortex that manipulates your mind and reality, again through a form of mind control. I'm starting to see a pattern here.

12. Wall-E

Wall-E is about the last living robot who survives the end of the world. He befriends another robot and then tries to save her while boarding a ship filled with humans of the future. What do the humans of the future look like? Fat and lazy. It's a scary depiction of a highly likely picture of our future with the way things are going.

Watch these films with an open mind and an open heart because there is so much more to this world, to us and to the universe then we think we know.

I mean, tbh, do you really think we're the only living life forms in this huge galaxy with billions of stars?