It’s Been Almost 65 Years Since The First Release Of 'Godzilla', Will Godzilla Die Or Live On?

By: Brittany Hampton

Its been about 65 years since Godzilla was birthed. There has been ultimate sequels to this famous, fire blowing movie. But the God is making his return with new stars like 'Stranger Things' Mille Bobby Brown and 'Bates Motel' star Vera Farmiga and new directors.

The first thing we noticed is 'Krampus' director Michael Dougerty is the director and co-writer of this 2019,'Godzilla'. Second, in this 'Godzilla' film, the king of the monsters has spikes on his back just like the monsters original film appearance in 1954. The director, Michael Dougerty, had a lot to say about his connection with the original film;

"With Godzilla, I really liked what [director Gareth Edwards] had done in the previous film with Godzilla's look, so I just wanted to make tiny tweaks, like changing his back spikes to look like the 1954 Godzilla. These, in particular, were taken right off the back of the original 1954 Godzilla. So I took Photoshop, and just photoshopped these spikes onto the back of Gareth's film."

Here at NextJen we did a little research and back in the summer of 2017, Michael Dougherty posted a picture of an "oxygen destroyer" a huge weapon that causes mass destruction and was also used against 'Godzilla' in the 1954 make.

So we can assume that the "Oxygen Destroyer" will be used in the new 'King Of Monsters'

The 2019 sequel will focus on Godzilla battling with Titans Mothra, Rodan and the most dangerous of all monsters, King Ghidorah. The battles are said to leave planet earth's reality hanging by a thread.

This classic, 'Godzilla:King of the Monsters' will spring into theaters on

May 31, 2019.