• Kayla

Jacqueline Stewart Is Turner Classic Movies' First African American Host!

By: Kayla Reyes

Turner Classic Movies has announced that starting on Sunday, September 15th Jacqueline Stewart will be the fifth host to present Silent Sunday Nights! She will introduce uncut and uninterrupted films of the Silent era.

Jacqueline Stewart is an author, archivist and professor at the University of Chicago. She will make history as the FIRST African American host for the network!

This is not Stewarts first time working with TCM. Three years ago, Stewart was invited to present films that are featured on a groundbreaking compilation she co-curated.

For Stewart, this new opportunity lines up right with her career and interest. She states, "It’s an incredible alignment of my expertise as a scholar across my career, which has included trying to reach beyond academia and enter the mainstream."

Stewart also expressed her appreciation, "I think it’s extremely significant, and I feel honored, while also feeling appropriately pressured. I never feel like I walk into any space as just myself. I carry with me specific histories and strengths. And so I think that for so many of us who operate in predominantly white spaces, which is not new to me as an academic, we can choose to accept quite a bit of responsibility for speaking for our people."

It is amazing Jacqueline Stewart and Turner Classic Movies' are working together once again! Let us know how you feel about Stewart being the host for Silent Sunday Nights.