• Kayla

Joe Berlinger Signed To Direct Narrative & Film Documentary About Martin Luther King’s Assassination

By: Kayla Reyes

Filmmaker and producer Joe Berlinger signed rights to direct the film Slay the Dreamer, the true story of James Lawson’s attempt to reopen the investigation for MLK’s assassination. Not only will he direct the film, he will produce a feature documentary on the story as well!

James Lawson is an activist and he was also the friend and advisor of Martin Luther King.

Berlinger wants to tell the story of James Lawson in hopes that Lawson will find the truth about the night his friend MLK was killed.

The night of the assassination, Grace Walden was the only eyewitness to the shooting. She was involuntarily being held in a mental institution under a fake name. She was locked away “after turning down a $100,000 reward from the FBI and refusing to sign an affidavit stating that James Earl Ray was the man she saw the day of the assassination.” Lawson has spent eight years looking for Walden and when he found her at the institution, they agreed that James Earl Ray was not the killer of King.

Berlinger made a statement,This is an extremely painful chapter of American history that for many remains unresolved,” Berlinger said. “In this era of accountability and racial division, I am extremely humbled at the prospect of working with Revered Lawson to shine a light on what really happened that fateful day 51 years ago.”

Lawson expressed, “On April 4, 1968, James Earl Ray did not assassinate or fire a gun at Martin Luther King Jr. and the evidence is overwhelming beyond a shadow of doubt. Ray was selected as a patsy for the planners of the assassination, which was a major part of the ‘politics of assassination’ of the 1960s that changed the history of our nation toward tyranny. This film uncovers a critical portion of the important truth about the assassinations of the 1960s which has led to where we are today as a nation. The politics of assassination is a major cause of the broken systems in U.S. society today. We the people of the USA need this film to help us recover a compass towards justice and truth.”

Berlinger has been in the spotlight for his documentaries, so we are excited to see what he does with James Lawson on the MLK project!