Martin Lewis Calls For Cinemas To Tell The ACTUAL Start Time Of Movies!

Do you feel this?

How many times have you been to movies on time, but had to wait 30-40 minutes until the movie actually started? Many people enjoy sitting through the previews and the commercials, but many people don’t.

Money saving expert Martin Lewis, calls for cinemas to viewers the actual start time of movies. "A lot has come out from this tweet - for example, it's not easy to keep a child sitting in a chair for 20 minutes and people are having to spend more money on baby sitters, which is an added expense. Also for many people who are disabled, who may have incontinence for example, it may not be easy for them to sit in that position for a long time."

Lewis received over 70,000 likes and 50,000 retweets, on his Twitter post and it sparked the conversation.

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