Marvel Hires Indie Director Chloe Zhao For 'The Eternals'

Chloe Zhao at Sundance Festival for "The Rider"

Marvel is looking into the next generation of directors and they had their sights on a relatively new talent to lead the charge for their latest project.

Chinese born Chloe Zhao, will be sitting in the director's chair for Marvel's upcoming film, "The Eternals", making her the third woman to do so for the studio.

The Eternals is about a fictional race of humanity who go to war with their villainous counterparts, the Deviants.

Chloe is also making history as the second Asian woman in history to direct a super hero movie with Cathy Yan, already in production for D.C's film, Birds of Prey as it's director.

Zhao, who only has two featured indie films under her belt, caught the industry's attention after her film "The Rider" premiered to rave reviews at Sundance Film Festival.

Marvel taking a chance on an indie director is a trend we're starting to see many studios do which means an exciting new wave of visual variety is about to hit the silver screen.

For the filmmakers out who who've been wondering when their big break might happen, continue to do what you're doing because you never know who may be watching.