• Kayla

Michael B. Jordan Will Star In Warner Bros ‘Methuselah’ Movie

By: Kayla Reyes

Photo Credit: Michael B. Jordan's Instagram

For many years, Methuselah has been in the works with the Warner Bros. It is finally being developed and Michael B. Jordan will produce and star in the movie. Methuselah is based on the biblical story about a man who lived to be 969 years.

Jordan will be producing through Outlier Society production company with Heyday’s David Heyman and Jeffrey Clifford. Tony Gilroy has wrote the most recent draft, but Zach Dean also wrote a script in 2014.

Originally, Tom Cruise and Will Smith were discussed as possibly playing the leading man. However, Warner Bros. decided to work with Michael B. Jordan who will play the ageless man who has survived over 900 years and has “accumulated vast intellectual knowledge, from multiple languages to the sciences, as well as survival skills.”

Jordan’s latest three movies: Black Panther, Creed and Creed II altogether made over a billion dollars! We can’t see what else Michael B. Jordan will do!

Let us know how you feel about Michael B. Jordan playing Methuselah.