• Kayla

NBC Introduces Its New Streaming Service 'Peacock'

By: Kayla Reyes

NBCUniversal announced its new streaming service named Peacock.

Bonnie Hammer, the chairwoman of the streaming service stated "For us, it’s the perfect nod to the legacy without being too on the nose. From my point of view, it screams that we are proud and we are bold."

Peacock is set to release in April joining the list of many new streaming services including Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Quibi, Amazon Prime Video and not to mention the veterans of the group Netflix and Hulu.

What will make Peacock differentiate from its competition? Well, its Universal Pictures studio is developing original films and animated series for the streaming service. It will offer more than 15,000 hours of content including The Office, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Everybody Loves Raymond, Fright Night Lights, Frasier and more! The platform will also offer 3,000 hours of Spanish language programming from Telemundo and the original dramedy Armas de Mujer and a new series from the makers of La Reina del Sur.

There is a lot to look forward to with NBC's new streaming service. Will you subscribe or will you continue to use Netflix and Hulu? Let us know what you think about NBC's new streaming service Peacock!