• Kayla

Netflix Experiments With Random Play Button for TV Shows [PHOTO]

By: Kayla Reyes

Have you ever wanted to watch a show on Netflix, but can never decide on what show to select? Well, Netflix is working on a solution by experimenting with a new feature called “Play a Random Episode.”

The feature will help users who do not know what to watch by streaming a random episode from different TV series with one single click. Some of the TV shows that are a part of the feature are Friends, The Office, New Girl, Arrested Development and more.

The feature was first spotted on the Android mobile app where it is currently being tested. For now, only certain users have access to the feature. It is not certain whether Netflix will make this a permanent attribute.

Let us know how you feel about the “Play a Random Episode” feature? Would you rather pick out your own TV show or let Netflix do it for you?