New Disney Comedy Series Is Allowing Studio Audience to Choose What Happens Next

Imagine watching your favorite show, and you get to decide what will take place next. How cool would that be? Well, Disney channel is welcoming a new show, which will allow the studio audience to decide what happens next in the show.

The comedy series entitled, 'Just Roll With It,' will be about a blended family with a pair of step-siblings could not be more different. The family is figuring out how to work through their difference and come together as a blended family- in a comedic way.

The audience will have the ability to decide different scenarios throughout the show. This is a new format that the show is implementing. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “at the sound of a horn, the actors break from the scene and go backstage while the audience decides which of three outrageous stunts will take place next. Once votes are cast electronically, the actors return to the stage to continue the scene, waiting for the next surprise, which could be anything from being asked to eat a disgusting sardine, grasshopper and ice cream burrito to a man falling through the roof of the family home.”

Jonas Agin, VP of original series at Disney Channels states, "the multi-camera sitcom format has worked as a staple of TV for decades. So naturally, we aimed to totally upend it. By introducing an element of audience interactivity that subverts the expectations of not only the viewers but also the cast, Just Roll With It is a true step in the evolution of comedic storytelling."

Would you like to decide the sequence of your favorite show?