Next In TV & Film: ‘Grease’ Spinoff On The Way? Zoe Kravitz to Play Catwoman + More

Are you here for Zoe Kravitz playing Catwoman in "The Batman?"

According to reports, the "'Big Little Lies' star Zoe Kravitz has been tapped to play Catwoman, the antiheroine and sometime love interest of the Caped Crusader, in Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman.”

The 30-year-old actress will star opposite side Robert Pattinson as Batman.

Ladies, how do you feel about an all women “Marvel” movie?

Well you just may be in luck! Scarlett Johansson wants to make this happen.

The actress states, “that group of actresses is so incredibly powerful and when they come together, it’s explosive and unstoppable. So yes, I’m pushing for that. I think audiences want it and I’m definitely one of them"

Imagine if Black Widow, RiRi Williams, Storm and Valkyrie all linked up!

Seemingly everyone can’t get enough of the word “reboot” because another spinoff is on the way!

Reportedly, a remake of the 1978 classic musical “Grease” is coming to HBO Max.

It will be a series, but don’t worry, it’ll still take place in the 1950’s. “The new series will be set in and around the world of Rydell High, the school which Danny and Sandy attended in the original movie. According to HBO Max, “Grease: Rydell High” reimagines the movie with some characters from the original, as well as a host of new ones.”

We’re excited about this one!