Octavia Spencer Stars In New Psycho-Thriller Film: MA!

By: Brittany Hampton

Lets all admit, when were leaving moms house shell always tell us "Get Home Safe". We may forget when we get home or let mom know. True?!

Juliette Lewis and Octavia Spencer star in new psycho-thriller, 'MA!' Neighbor high school kids ask 'Sue Ann" or 'MA" to buy them alcohol from the liquor store things just heat up. The high school children realize 'MA' isn't a regular mom, shes a cool mom but way pass cool...lonely and weird.

The lonely woman goes to befriend these high school and offers them to drink and party at her house. Just when the high school kids thought they're drinking and partying couldn't get any better, things make a left turn to end up being worst than the kids thought.

Ma starts showing up at the school's parking lot waiting for the kids, randomly texting and sending videos, even meeting the kids parents. The kids become terrified and don't know what to do or how to handle it.

They realize 'Ma' isn't who she seems beyond worst. Does they're life get better or worst.

'MA' will be watching you in theaters on May 30th.

Will you befriend 'MA'?