• Kayla

'Queen and Slim' Director Melina Matsoukas Claims Golden Globes Refused To Watch Her Film

By: Kayla Reyes

Director Melina Matsoukas wasn't surprised to find out her new movie Queen & Slim didn't receive at least one nomination. This is because voters from the Golden Globes had missed the screenings of the film.

Matsoukas expressed, "We held three screenings for the HFPA and almost no members attended. For me, it’s reflective of their voting body. It’s not reflective of the society in which we live in or the industry as it stands today. They don’t value the stories that represent all of us, and those stories are so often disregarded and discredited, as are their filmmakers. It’s extremely discouraging. It’s extremely infuriating. And it just represents an archaic system that is full of people who don’t value us."

I feel it was very brave for Melina to speak out and share her experience with the voters from the Golden Globes because it can be frustrating and discouraging to put your best work forward and feel it is still not appreciated. As mentioned countless times, it is extremely important to make everyone feel represented and valued. By Melina not feeling valued, it shows there's a lack of representation and diversity within the industry. Hopefully, the Golden Globes plan to make changes going forward so more women and people of color can feel appreciated for their work.

The movie Queen & Slim released this year November 27th and is written by Lena Waithe. If you have seen the movie what are your thoughts about it? Also, how do you feel about Melina Matsoukas speaking out? Let us know!