Ready For Halloween? Here's A List Of Spooky Movies You Must See! [VIDEO]

Updated: Oct 24, 2018


Everyone's favorite season is upon us. Cold weather, hot coco, football and most importantly Halloween. Halloween is next week, and will be here before we know it.

Some Halloween traditions include 'trick or treating,' pumpkin carving and of course binge watching on scary spooky movies.

These movies below were set to be released just in time to get you into the holiday spirit.

Are you into scary movies?

Whether you’ll be with your boo, or your friends, here’s a list spooky movies that you should seen in theaters this spooky season.

The highly anticipated return of Halloween is back! The scary sequel movie is in theaters now! Who are you taking to go see it?

Venom, In theaters now- definitely puts you in the Halloween spirit.

If the first two didn’t put you into Halloween vibes, The Nun- also in theaters now, will for sure.