Suicide Squad Two - Guess Who’s Joining The Team?

By: Nicole Negron

Photo Credit: Movie Ad

Idris Elba is known for some of his riveting roles in various shows and movies. Some of his popular works, such as Luther, Molly’s Game, and Beast of No Nation. We’ve also seen his presence in a few of the crowd pleasing marvel movies (Thor, and The Avengers) and may also remember him in Obsessed and Daddy’s Little Girls.

Idris has taken on some of the most impressionable roles in Hollywood. His versatility continues to flourish as he becomes the newest member of the Suicide Squad. As of right now we are unsure of who he will be, although there was speculation that he would have been replacing Will Smith as Deadshot, Variety reveals that instead he will portray a whole new character. Can't wait to see his performance in this one.