The Obama's Production Company Will Bring Story About Trump Administration to Netflix

Photo Credit: Pete Souza

As we know, Barack and Michelle Obama locked in a production deal with Netflix earlier this year. It is now being reported that the Obama's first show may be an adaption of a book titled The Fifth Risk, which is a book about Donald Trump and his administration. The book highlights the 'chaos' in which stemmed from Donald Trump becoming president after Barack Obama. The book was written by Michael Lewis.

According to Lewis, the former President production company has acquired the rights to the book. Reportedly, the book will be made into a series, which will stream on Netflix.

A spokesperson from the Obamas, stated, “Their goal is to produce a humorous series demystifying the little-known ways in which federal agencies improve our lives and serve our nation, from the food we eat to the planes we travel on, Michael Lewis has written a love letter to the often-nameless public servants who carry out core duties that most of us never think about but help us every day. Think of this as a funny, timeless civics lesson for adults. It’s not a political statement.”

How do you feel about this?