'The Simpsons' Producer Responds to Claims That Apu Character Will Be Dropped From Show [PHOTO]

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Photo Credit: simpsonsworld.com

Through the release of a documentary entitled The Problem With Apu, by Hari Kondabolu, there has been some controversy with The Simpsons' character.

The documentary enlightened the fact that Apu is an Indian-American character created by a white male, and voiced by a white male. The character also is very stereotypical to what an 'Indian' man is preserved as. The documentary was released on 2017, and sparked many different opinions. Some critics viewed the documentary as overly sensitive, others agreed with it.

There has been claims made that Apu will be wrote off on upcoming seasons of 'The Simpsons,' producer, Adi Shankar, stated in an interview "that he'd been told Apu's days on the show were numbered."

Al Jean, who serves as one of the executive producers on the show- took to twitter to state that Adi Shankar is in fact not a producer of the show and that he doesn't 'speak' for the show.

How do you feel about this? Would you like to see Apu leave the show, or would you like to see more Indian-American characters be included?