'The Wiz' Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary! [VIDEO + PHOTO]

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

40 years later and we're still easing on down' the road. The classic movies 'The Wiz' which is the re-telling of musical "The Wizard Of Oz' featuring an all black cast. The adaption is intended to capture the African-American experience of the film.The film features musical legends including the infamous Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Lena Horne, Nipsey Russell and many more. The soundtrack of the movie was produced by the renowned Quincy Jones, which includes classic songs that are still known 40 years later. The classic was directed by Sidney Lumet.

The movie came out 40 years ago, yesterday, October 24th, 1978. At the time the movie was made, it was the most expensive musical ever. The movie still remains as a staple in Black culture, and set the tone for Black films to come.

The movie took "The Wizard Of Oz" and told the story through a black experience. Not only did "The Wiz" stand the test of time, it also inspired many films to follow. The musical introduced an all Black cast which was sacred at the time. The movie introduces science-fiction, African traditions, and fantasies in a way that was never seen before.

The song and dance in the movie represented Black culture. The song included genres such as gospel, soul, jazz and blues- which are all essentially created by Black culture. The dancing was tradition African dancing mixed with ballet, and jazz.

40 years later, Black culture is still pushing the envelope in TV, film and even in our music. Thanks to classics such as "The Wiz."

Below is a post Diana Ross's daugther, Tracee Ellis Ross took to Instagram to post- reflecting back when her mom starred in the film.

Check out some clips from the classic musical movie below.