Today In Film History: 'Sister, Sister' Turns 25! [VIDEO]

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

By:Brittany Hampton

“That girl has my face!”

The world’s most famous set of twins, 90’s sitcom ‘Sister,Sister’ which features Tia and Tamera Mowry. Tia and Tamera Campbell are identical twins separated at birth and reunited about 14 years later at a Detroit shopping mall with each other their adoptive parents, Lisa and Ray. Both adoptive parents decide its best for the girls to move in together. Ray ran a successful limo company and Lisa is a fashion designer, naturally they move into Ray’s house for the sake of keeping the girls together.

The girls are two sides of the same coin; Tia is a studious girl who is shy and can be nerdy. Tamera is a wild party animal and displays a lot of emotions at times. Each sister is the opposite of their adoptive parent; Tia is under eight-ball, eccentric Lisa and Tamera is under strict and conservative Ray. No one can forget their next-door neighbor Roger Evans, who had a crush on both girls and was not afraid to his love and affection. He was frequently told “Go Home Roger” whenever the family was annoyed with Roger’s antics.

Throughout the first four seasons we experienced, twin switches, wacky pranks and finding out about their real parents. The girls were still able to love and maintain beautiful relationships with both of their adoptive parents, Lisa & Ray. The fifth season was running a little differently, both girls branched out into their own styles and become their own person. Tia stopped wearing a fake mole to look just like Tamera. The girls also got boyfriends, Tyreke (Tia) and Jordan (Tamera). Lastly, the sixth season ended with both girls following their dreams and went off to college. The series ran for six seasons, the first seasons on ABC, The WB and The Rest. ‘Sister Sister’ is still playing re-runs on BET, ABC Family and The Hub since 2014.

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