Top 10 Quotes From Hollywood That Will Leave You Inspired!

After hearing Tyler Perry's crazy inspirational speech at the 2019 BET Awards, you probably feel like you want to conquer this ever complicated TV and Film industry. And you should.

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Feeling inspired? Yes I know.

Here are some more quotes to get your motivative spirit going:

1. It is never too late.

1. It is never too late.

"I picked up a camera for the first time at the age of 32. I continued working a full-time job while directing my first 5 feature length projects. It's never too late to pursue your passion. but you already know that deep down." - Ava Duvernay (Selma, A Wrinkle In Time)

Photo by: Gage Skidmore

2. It doesn't take much to pursue your dreams. It isn't rocket science, just take the first steps.

"Pick up a camera. Shoot something. No matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and your sister star in it. Put your name on it as director. Now you’re a director. Everything after that you’re just negotiating your budget and your fee.” - James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic)

3. Remain consistent and never give up, now matter how hard it gets.

"Goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency." - Denzel Washington

4. You're either going to do it or don't do it. Don't "try" your best at things because that form of thinking shouldn't exist! Put your all into your goals or dreams, and nothing less or don't bother doing it at all.

"Do, or do not. There is no “try”. – Yoda, from Star Wars

5. Life isn't a mapped out journey. You don't know where you will end up, where you'll go, where it will take you. So stop making expectations for things and just go with the flow.

"My momma always said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” – from Forrest Gump

6. Shrek had it right. Throughout life, you'll have people making their own judgement about who you are and what you should become. Ignore it, and stay true to yourself at all times.

"After a while, you learn to ignore the names people call you and just trust who you are. "– from Shrek

7. Live your life for you. No one else. You're the one that's going to have to deal with your personal choices. Don't let anyone influence that.

"You cannot live your life to please others. The choice must be yours." – White Queen, from Alice in Wonderland

8. Your past is your past. If you dwell on what was you'll never get to what will be. Whatever you've done or gone through are life lessons to prepare you for your future.

"Oh yes, the past can hurt. But you can either run from it, or learn from it." – Rafiki, from The Lion King

9. Self explanatory.

"You can’t live your life for other people. You’ve got to do what’s right for you, even if it hurts some people you love." – from The Notebook

10. You are have the ability to do powerful things. Own it, and go forward.

“’May the Force be with you’ is charming, but it’s not important. What’s important is that you become the Force—for yourself and perhaps for other people.” - Harrison Ford

Hope you left here inspired!