• Kayla

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment Reveal ‘Batman’ 80th Anniversary Plans!

By: Kayla Reyes

Batman anniversary is coming up and it is not anything you want to miss!

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have revealed they are celebrating the 80th anniversary of Batman at SXSW in Austin, Texas on March 15th. There will be a release of new exclusive merchandise, photo opportunities, a mural by a local artist and a moonlight fly over the city’s Congress Bridge with more than 1.5 million live bats. If that doesn’t sound like a party then I don’t know what does.

It doesn’t stop there! DC will release two comic books: Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman — The Deluxe Edition on March 19 which highlights the history of the Dark Knight, and Detective Comics No. 1000, on March 27. Only three days later, the actual anniversary date, DC Comics will present a special “Happy Birthday Batman” panel at WonderCon.

March 30th is the official anniversary date and September 21 is this year’s annual Batman Day! Batman Day events “include 5K and 10K cosplay runs and the orchestrated placement of Bat-signals to light up the skies above cities across the globe.”

Celebrating Batman is important because he is one of the greatest comic book superheroes ever! Many people became a fan of Batman because he is easy to relate to. He earned his superpowers by training himself physically and intellectually. He has appeared "in countless comics, animation, television, films, video games, toys and other products" and that is what makes him special and different from all other superheroes!

We look forward to sharing with you the fun and exciting things for Batman this year!