What the #SeeHer Movement Really is

It’s no secret that females need more representation in the film and TV industry, the #SeeHer movement is highlighting just that.

The #SeeHer movement is “leading the movement to increase accurate portrayals of women and girls in advertising and programming.”

Their mission is to “increase the percentage of accurate portrayals of women and girls in U.S. advertising and media by 20% by 2020.”

As we know, women and girls are not as broadcasted in the media as males. If they are advertised it is not always in a positive light. The #SeeHer movement is perfect for boosting young girls confidence, and showing them that it is okay to be displayed positively.

Since 2016, women in the U.S. moved from 51% to 61%. As you can see, the movement is effective and we encourage you to join it as we want to see positive change in the industry.

Visit seeher.com for more.