Who Else Should Play Ursula In "The Little Mermaid?" Here Are 10 Choices!

Disney's live action version of "The Little Mermaid" is drawing tons of attention, particularly for the role of Ursula!

Who will play the voice stealing sea witch? Better yet who wants to play her?

Sources say Melissa McCarthy is a frontrunner to play the infamous villian but more recently, rapper/singer Lizzo is campaigning to take on the role and even dressed the part!

Both are great choices but here are 10 other people that would bring Ursula to life:

1. Rebel Wilson

Not only is Rebel Wilson hilarious, and plays the fun, witty, sarcastic character well, she can also sing as we know from Pitch Perfect. She will keep us thoroughly entertained for the entire movie.

2. Amber Riley

We were first introduced to this powerhouse of a voice and sassiness of a woman on FOX's Glee. Since then, Amber Riley had been hitting the music scene with new songs and blowing the roof of her performances. She will surely add to Ursula in more ways then one.

3. Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is a contender for any role, lbh. But as Ursula, she will undoubtedly bring her to life. The Oscar winning actresses' range is incredible and when it comes to playing a singing villainous woman, we've already seen her ace that in Into The Woods.

4. Keala Settle

Keala Settle's performance in The Greatest Showman was one of the most memorable of the entire film. Not to mention she was fully capable of bringing the emotion playing a bearded woman. She has the pizzazz and the singing chops to take Ursula to the next level.

5. Danielle Brooks

Even though she's pregnant at the moment, Danielle Brooks would be a great Ursula. She's already won our hearts as Toasty in "Orange Is The New Black" but she's also won our ears with all the music she's posted on her social media.

6. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga completely shined in A Star Is Born and a star was born in that movie. Lady Gaga is no stranger to acting and her over the top stage performances. Her portrayal as Ursula would be fabulous.

7. Monique

Monique has the personality and acting skills to make Ursula a villain to be reckoned with. She has a tell-it-like-it-is attitude but with an endearing heart. A perfect combo.

8. Queen Latifah

She can sing, she can act, she's won tons of awards, and simply put, she's a queen. And Ursula is a queen so it would make total sense to have Queen Latifah play the part because she'll nail it.

9. Bette Midler

Bette Midler has been in the movie and music industry for sometime, having the world sing "Wind Beneath My Wings" when it came out. Plus, she's already played a witch in the past. This is an obvious choice.

10. Ginger Minj

Disney is big on inclusion nowadays and though it would be completely new to their brand, it would be so worth it if they did this. Ginger Minj is already a beloved person in the drag world, more notably on Ru Paul's Drag Race. She can sing, she has that undeniable energy and personality to take Ursula to uncharted territories.

Who else do you think should be considered for the role?