Who's Ready To Experience Some Magic? 'Aladdin' Is Coming!

By: Nicole Negron

Only a few more days for the world to experience the magic of Aladdin on the big screen!

The new Aladdin movie, starring Will Smith as the blue genie, is coming out this Friday May 24th. Some of us may remember the adventure of Aladdin when he sets out on his enchanting adventure after the discovery of a mystical lamp that unleashes a clever genie.

Although in this new Aladdin there has been some controversy of his appearance in the trailers that didn’t show his vibrant blue colored appearance, thus due to the more recent live-action adaption trend. 2019 has a whole bunch of movies that are trending to be more live action and less computer generated. This is the year the film industry will combine more animation with live action, to create a vivid and realistic image, such as the new Lion King.

According to deadline, “Aladdin is projected to make somewhere between $70 - 90 million on its opening weekend”. So lets grab our magic carpets and venture out to a whole new world!