• Kayla

Zazie Beetz and Betty Gabriel Team Up For The New ‘Twilight Zone’ [VIDEO + PHOTO]

By: Kayla Reyes

Zazie Beetz and Betty Gabriel are joining CBS All-Access’ The Twilight Zone. The show will premiere April 1st followed by weekly episodes after April 11th. Beetz and Betty are set to make an appearance in the early episodes of the show.

Zazie Beetz is known for her recent work in Atlanta and Deadpool 2 while Betty Gabriel is known for her appearance in the film Get Out. Jordan Peele is the executive producer along with Simon Kinberg. He will be “filling the shoes of the legendary Rod Serling, who created the original series back in 1959.” Peele has been working hard for the casting of the show. Beside Beetz and Gabriel are Tracy Morgan, Steven Yeun, Seth Rogan, Jessica Williams, Adam Scott, Rhea Seehorn and many more!

Although there are no details stating Beetz and Gabriel’s roles, The Twilight Zone will explore social issues, human nature and morality often through supernatural and twisty tales.

Zazie Beetz and Betty Gabriel are two rising stars! We look forward to keeping up with their success and updates on the series The Twilight Zone. Take a peek at the teaser below and tune in on April 1st!